New Auto Shocks & Struts Kirksville

Knowing when to replace the shocks or struts on your vehicle may not be easy to know. Here are a few signs that you need to have them replaced:

  1. You auto bounces a lot, especially over bumps
  2. Your auto bottoms out when you go over bumps
  3. Your auto lunges forward when you come to a stop and it lurches back when you start accelerating.
  4. Your tires wear out quickly or they have high and low spots on them

Since shocks and struts are designed to absorb the bumps you go over to make a smoother ride, if you are feeling like they are no longer doing their job, it is certainly time to replacement.

Here at Golden Automotive, we can inspect the suspension system on your car or truck to see if yours is operating as it should be. A short test drive by one of our technicians will yield the final verdict. Give us a call at 660-665-6879 to set up a quick inspection of your car or truck’s suspension system today.

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