Headlights & Turn Signals Repair Kirksville

Headlights & Turn Signals
Maintaining the lights on your auto is essential to your driving safety and for those around you. It is also necessary so that you comply with the law in the State of Missouri.

Each headlight and taillight my be in proper working order if you drive your car or truck on the roadway in Kirksville and the entire state of Missouri. Should one of the lights on your auto go out, and this includes the turn signals (blinkers), you are responsible for replacing them or you could be ticketed.

Depending upon the make and model of your auto, the various lights may be easy or difficult to change. Give us a call here at Golden Automotive and we will inspect and change any light on your car or truck which needs to be replaced. Call 660-665-6879 to schedule an appointment or simply stop by today.

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