Kirksville Automotive Tune-Ups

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Keeping your engine running at peak efficiency can prolong the life of your car or truck. Regular engine maintenance can add years to the life of any engine, and it is inexpensive to do.

One of the main issues with engines breaking down can be traced back to the engine oil. It is essential to have your oil changed every3,000 to 5,000 miles or about every three months.

We offer more than twenty different services during every routine tune-up we offer our clients. We check all of the fluid levels, including the brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant (radiator fluid), and the wiper fluid.

We also drain the old oil and replace it with the right weight for your engine. We also replace the oil filter which keeps your oil cleaner for a longer period of time.

We also do routine inspections of items in your car like the lights, belts, filters and more. You can be sure that when you receive a tune-up for your car of truck at Golden Automotive, it will receive the quality care which will help to keep your auto running longer. Call us today at 660-665-6879 to schedule a tune-up today!

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